US Police Launch Robot Patrol

US Police Launch Robot Patrol

Police in California, United States launched RoboCop HP robots to patrol highways and parks. Robots equipped with 360-degree video cameras are patrolling and can be seen on monitors at every police station.

RoboCop HP was designed by a company from Silicon Valley, Mountain View, California, USA: Knightscope. As reported by the official website of Knightscope, the robot has several types, namely K1, K3, and K5, and several advantages. HP RoboCop or K5 is one robot that can charge its own batteries.

The robot is used to monitor and fight crime in public places. RoboCop is a machine that moves unmanned and can send data to the nearest police station so that the police can take action quickly.

Knightscope robot manufacturers have been used in public places in major US cities such as in shopping centers, hospitals, stadiums, parks, resorts, to banks. The machine was created to assist security forces in maintaining security amid the lack of human resources (HR). RoboCop's cell phone will be the third eye of the police in a place where we cannot consistently monitor for 24 hours.

The robot can go along the path for pedestrians and say a number of words to the general public, from 'excuse me' to 'good afternoon'.

Huntington Park Police hope that RoboCop's cell phone, which has been in operation for several weeks, can help minimize crime and other troubling activities. A video released by Huntington Park police shows the robot sliding in the park while saying 'good afternoon'.

Huntington Park Mayor Karina Macias welcomed the presence of RoboCop's cell phone which will help security officers guard the community. "This is a big achievement for our city because it shows innovation and incorporation of new technology. The capabilities are very impressive, "Macias said.

Similar robots are also operated in Los Angeles. The robot can take pictures and send information to the police station so that officers can take action quickly and effectively. The robot is equipped with a camera, Wi-Fi, sensors, reading vehicle license plates, and detecting human faces.

Although sophisticated, the machine has caused controversy because it is considered to interfere with privacy and are feared to be misused, especially the ability to take pictures. "And if it falls into the hands of irresponsible people, the robot can backfire for all of us," said local resident, Far Rockaway.

The robot was also not well received in LaGuardia, New York. Because, besides being considered scary and not working effectively, monotonous movements are called annoying and disturbing. As reported by the New York Post, a robot that has only been operating for three months once bothered an officer.

Based on Knightscope data, the crime of harming the US economy worth USD1 trillion per year. With the number of security officers in the US only around two million, many areas in the US are not monitored. For this, the robot was also created to reduce the death rate among security officers. "This machine is a combination of self-driving technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence," said Knightscope.

"This machine can collect data on location in real-time. That data can only be accessed through the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC). We want the US to be a safe country, "the company said.