Best 3 Apps for New Year's Eve Countdown

Best 3 Apps for New Year's Eve Countdown

At the turn of the year, the countdown to 12 noon is a tradition in many living rooms. At 12 o'clock sharp, fireworks are often fired into the sky while everyone inside wishes everyone a Happy New Year. This is frustrating! We've listed the 4 best New Year's Eve countdown apps for you, so you can count outside and not miss the fireworks.

 1. Countdown & Count Up Timer App

 The Countdown & Count Up Timer app shows you how many days, hours, minutes and seconds you have to wait until midnight. You can personalize this countdown app by using your own photo as a background and adjusting the font and timer position to your liking. This app has handy widgets for iPhone and iPad. So you can see at a glance how many more days you have to wait before you can unload the fireworks.

 2. Aftellen

 The Aftellen app is a bit simpler. In this Dutch app you enter the title, date and time and maybe an image for the background. The next screen shows the hour, where seconds, minutes, hours and days are ticked one after another. You can easily share watch status with friends and family. Don't expect midnight fireworks from this app. As soon as the set time is reached, the clock simply stops.

3. Countdown

Can't you wait for next year's turn? Then Countdown D countdown app is the solution for you. With this app you can track how many days you have to wait until new year's eve comes again. The clock will not appear until you have to wait less than 24 hours.

Countdown countdown app!! can work with your Apple Calendar and it's useful. So you can let the countdown clock count down to a specific event on your calendar. You have the option to personalize this countdown timer with your own photo, your favorite colors and fonts. You can also choose to have a song playing in the background when you open the app, for example "Happy New Year" from ABBA. This countdown app widget shows you exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds last until 12pm.

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