Amazing, This is a Row of Advanced Robot Producing Companies in Agriculture

Amazing, This is a Row of Advanced Robot Producing Companies in Agriculture

The development of robots continues to progress and helps many industrial sectors, including the agricultural industry. In developed countries such as the United States and Japan, for example, the use of robots has helped and increased the productivity of farmers on their farms.

Speaking of agricultural robots, now there are many world technology companies that present sophisticated robots by combining technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), cloud, and others. Seeing that, here are six world technology companies that have produced sophisticated robots in agriculture.

To be able to work, this robot must be connected with software that can be downloaded by users on the official FarmBot web. For users who have difficulty in operating this robot, they do not need to worry, because FarmBot provides an online discussion forum that is useful to overcome this problem.


It is an AI-based robot that can detect the type and characteristics of soil in a farm so that it can overcome the risk of crop failure. Unlike other robots, Ecorobotix is a drone type robot which in addition to being able to work on land, but also has the ability to work in flying conditions.

In addition, robots that have a unique shape like this table also have sensors that are capable of detecting weeds on agricultural land. Another interesting thing, this robot is also environmentally friendly, where it uses solar power to operate. In fact, the company claims that their robots are capable of working up to 12 hours continuously.


Based in California, USA, the Farmbot startup has created robots that can help simplify the performance of farmers. Named Farmbot Genesis, this robot is capable of doing the usual work done by farmers such as watering water, fertilizing and doing other jobs that can support plants to thrive.

Naio Technologies has 2 types of robots offered to help facilitate the performance of farmers, namely the Oz robot and Dino robot. The difference is that the Oz robot is suitable for small or narrow land such as green houses or greenhouses, while the Dino robot is for extensive agricultural land use.

In terms of function, OZ and Dino robots have the same function as other agricultural robots, namely maintaining and caring for each plant from the threat of disturbing plants or weeds. In addition, this robot also has the ability as farmers who manage the land such as the ability to weed, hoe and harvest crops.

Iron Ox

After conducting research and development over the past few years, Iron Ox technology startup finally launched an agricultural robot named Angus. To be able to operate, Angus must be connected to a cloud-based system that the company calls the Brain. Later, The Brain will also be able to collect important data from each plant.

Usually, farmers must check the plants several times a day. This is done to ensure several important things such as water content, nutrition, weather conditions and the air of each plant is well maintained. With Angus, all agricultural activities like that can be done quickly. In fact, Angus also has the ability to move each agricultural crop from the harvest area to the production center.


Similar to previous robots, the RIPPA Robot is an autonomous robot equipped with sensors and sophisticated algorithms that can detect and remove weeds from plants and foreign objects such as glass, stone, iron or metal.

Furthermore, RIPPA also has the ability to collect a variety of important agricultural data that can affect crop yields from agriculture. The data is like identifying plants that are sick, showing metrics of plant quality, predicting yields and harvest times, and so on. With the technology based on precision farming, of course this robot can increase plant productivity for farmers who use this robot.

Vision Robotics

In the California region of the United States, germination is a major problem that is often faced by lettuce farmers. Seeing that, Vision Robotics creates smart robots that can be a solution to the farmers' problems.

This robot is equipped with sophisticated sensors. One of the capabilities of this sensor is to detect damaged lettuce leaves and the robot will automatically spray herbicides to anticipate crop failure. With the ability of this robot, farmers usually need a day to check their seladanya plants, now it is faster in just a matter of hours.