What is VMware View

What is VMware View

VMware is a software solution for easy centralization and management of user devices and software installed in professional settings. The basic idea behind this is the relocation of key components such as the operating system, applications and user data to the central server. There, virtual desktops or other clients such as cellular devices or thin clients are stored and provided on every hardware client. This gives users anywhere access to their data and always the same program and the same operating system.

Simplified VMware desktop management provides greater security and control - while giving users more performance. The key behind this is what is called the main image, which is created and stored centrally. This image contains an operating system and a set of predetermined application software that can be installed on a number of desktop clients.

Possible application

View5_Marketecture_de This solution is very valuable, especially for large companies, because VMware offers users and administrators the same as the desired requirements. Users can access the data flexibly from anywhere, while at the same time IT administrators have the desired security and control over the network. This can be easily and quickly managed through the center console. This gives users access to their personal desktop and data from almost all computers on the network. In fact, virtual desktops, applications, and user data are in the data center, where each user has his own virtual desktop and related virtual disks.

Flexibility to access the desktop also allows users to access data while traveling using a mobile device. With local mode you can temporarily save your virtual desktop in a terminal and work without a network connection. Next time the device is online, the data is synchronized automatically.

What problems did VMware View solve?

One of the main benefits of such solutions is a simpler and more efficient way to install new patches or applications for users. Here you only need to update the master image for each group and not all desktops individually. The main image solution also allows to reduce redundant data to a minimum and at the same time reduce storage requirements.

VMware Display Features

  • VMware View Composer desktop client centralized management
  • Create a parent image with OS, software, and user data
  • ¬†Easily assign new user applications via VMWare View Administrator
  • virtualize the application with VMWare Thinapp
  • Local mode for offline operations

Available version

  • VMware View Enterprise includes VMware vSphere Desktop, VMware vCenter Server, and VMware View Manager, a package solution that provides everything needed to utilize a virtual desktop with VMware
  • VMware View Premier includes a complete Enterprise Edition, plus VMware View Composer, View Persona Management, VMware View Client with local mode, and vShield Endpoint and VMware ThinApp. With this version you can reduce costs dramatically in the company. Simplified data management and user software enables end users and more efficient IT work.
  • Of course, there is also an increase for existing customers and owners of the Enterprise version to the Premier package.

Cellular client 

Cellular and on the way to accessing company data or your own PC is increasingly demanded by the user side. VMware View offers two options here. The local mode VMWare View Client allows you to bring your virtual desktop on a business trip. For this purpose, the master image is stored on the local hard disk.

It is also possible to access the virtual desktop through an application with an Android or iOS based tablet.