What Is The Cloud Storage

What Is The Cloud Storage

Today's digital data storage media has entered a new era. In the past you only knew about data storage media such as hard disks in computer devices or portable flashdisks so that you could carry them everywhere, now technological developments have offered online data storage media known as Cloud Storage.

Unlike offline media that requires special devices, now with this technology we can now more easily access digital data only armed with devices that have been equipped with internet access. The advantages offered by Cloud Storage are certainly more. In addition to the data that we keep safe, we also do not need to worry if suddenly there is a problem with our electronic devices. All important data that you have is kept safe inside Cloud Storage.

Cloud storage is a method of storing data on a number of servers managed by service providers. An internet connection is needed to access the data that you store on the server.

The development of the system underlying the Cloud Storage was introduced to this modern by Amazon's eCommerce company in 2000. Amazon became one of the pioneers in using the system as a bridge to all of its ecommerce services that entered the Amazon Web Service service.

This method has a number of advantages over data storage in conventional physical memory, including:

  • Data can be accessed using any device and anywhere, as long as it's connected to the internet.
  • You can share data on the server to other parties quickly and easily.
  • Data security and integrity are guaranteed.

A number of leading cloud storage services offer each service for free for you to try. If you need more storage capacity, there is a paid version that you can use.

Along with the increasing role of technology in personal or professional life, data storage needs such as documents, photos or videos also increase. Therefore, there are times when the data you have can feel too much to be stored in internal memory in a computer, cellphone, or other device.

If you experience this situation, you can consider a solution such as an external hard disk or flash drive. You can also try data storage facilities that are currently increasingly popular, namely cloud storage or cloud storage.

Information in cloud storage is stored on a server that is usually managed by third parties, such as hosting companies. The process of storing and managing is different when you use a physical memory device, where the information you store is only contained in the device you are using, and can only be accessed from there.

When going to choose a cloud storage service you need to pay attention to the following things:

1. Complete Application

Availability of client applications for various computer platforms, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. This is related to the flexibility of file access. Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Amazon Cloud Drive have applications that support smartphones, laptops and tablets.

2. Sync feature

This feature is only available for applications on desktop or laptop devices. You can choose one folder to synchronize on the service. The Sync feature will make it easier for users to access files contained in these services without the need to enter first