What is The Cloud Server and The Benefits Obtained

What is The Cloud Server and The Benefits Obtained

It is undeniable indeed, technology goes through very rapid development from year to year, such as for example from mobile devices that used to only be able to make phone calls and SMS until the emergence of sophisticated mobile devices namely smartphones.

No exception with web services today many new technology technologies are emerging as they are currently crowded with the trend of Cloud Computing technology that is starting to be widely used by companies because of its high flexibility and scalability.

For online store owners and other business website owners, they already know what a cloud server is. But, for ordinary people, of course the term cloud server still sounds strange. The cloud server service itself is quite attractive in Indonesia, especially among those who need a more sophisticated data storage system and have better uptime guarantee than conventional servers. The performance of the cloud server is not only intended for data security, but also the efficiency of data management and also the scalability of performance according to the needs currently being used

Cloud server is a technology service that combines computers and internet-based networks. In essence, this technology utilizes internet media as a central server for data management. So that the data you need can be easily accessed and no longer need to store data through storage devices such as Flashdisk, Harddisk, CD or DVD. Of course this will greatly facilitate if someone has data stored on a storage device and the device is lost, then the stored data must be lost. However, data in the cloud server will remain safe.

Cloud servers are examples of virtual servers that provide users with a dedicated and protected set of machine resources. On the Cloud infrastructure, each Cloud server, provides the ability to scale their server resources on-demand. Cloud server always gets the number of allocated CPU, memory, disk, etc. Because the nature of the Cloud is not oversold. Cloud technology allows multiple servers to become "one" to function as storage (virtual disks), several other servers 'function' as computing nodes (virtual CPUs). Above the cloud platform can run multiple virtual servers.

The Cloud Server service also gives you the convenience to increase or decrease server resources such as the number of CPU cores, as well as the amount of RAM according to your needs or commonly called On Demand. You deserve to be careful if there is a service claiming to be Cloud Server, especially in Indonesia but cannot provide On Demand facilities because this technology is different from VPS. On Cloud services, you can still use 1 server, with the consequence that the price is a little expensive but of course the quality is better because the infrastructure consists of several servers backing each other.

Cloud Server function

1. Minimizing Data Loss

How much of your data is currently lost and cannot be saved because of damage to the hard disk, flashdisk and other physical storage media? This will not happen if you use the cloud server as a storage medium. The use of cloud servers as storage media will greatly reduce the possibility of damage and loss of data, so that your data will be much safer from damage or corruption.

2. No Need to Buy Media Storage

What is the price of an external hard drive or flashdisk at this time? Approximately ranging from 100,000 to millions of rupiah to buy the device right? Now with the cloud server, then you don't need to pay high costs for storing files and data. The investment price that you have to pay will be much cheaper when using a cloud server. Besides that, you also don't have to bother looking for a hard disk or flashdisk again.

3. Fast Upgrade

Upgrading resources is very necessary to maintain quality. By using a cloud server, upgrades are done so fast, sometimes you don't even need to reboot. This certainly saves time.

4. Very Practical

The advantages of this cloud server are of course very practical and very easy to use, so you don't have to bother carrying physical storage media. The benefits and advantages are the same as the choice, when you have to bring cash or just need to bring an ATM card / electronic money card. 

Cloud servers began to be glimpsed by companies, because stored data can be accessed at any time provided that the device is connected to the internet. But it also becomes a disadvantage if an account is stolen or the server is being disturbed because of the many users who are accessing a server. At your time. They have a very large storage capacity and some even up to 10TB. This makes it easier for you who want to store important data needed so that the data can be stored for years as long as the server is still active.


  • Very efficient for its users
  • Save cost
  • Can access stored data anywhere and anytime
  • Can provide large storage capacity
  • Companies no longer need to spend funds on maintenance from computers that are used to store data
  • We can also access software from the cloud server


  • If at any time the server used by the cloud server provider is in trouble then we cannot open the data that we store
  • Data will be vulnerable to stolen because when we access the data we will be asked to log in. There lies the weakness in terms of security
  • If there is no internet, we cannot open the data that we store
  • When we will retrieve data, we need a fast connection if the file we are taking is large

Above is an explanation of the cloud server. If you are interested in using services from the cloud server, then choose an experienced cloud server provider. So that security and ease of access will also be achieved. Thus the article about the cloud server may be useful, thank you.