What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud is a metaphor of the internet, like the cloud which is often depicted on a network diagram computer. Cloud computing too is an abstraction of complex infrastructure which hidden it is a computational mode where information technology related capabilities are presented as a service (as a service), so users can access it via the Internet without knowledge of him, expert with him, or possessing control of the technology infrastructure help him.


Cloud computing is merging the use of computational technology and internet-based development that offers resource sharing  acilities without devices additional, more affordable costs, and unlimited data storage.


Cloud Computing has 5 characteristics including:

  1. Broad network access. Service must be able accessed from anywhere, anytime, with tools anything, as long as it's connected to the internet network.
  2. On-demand Self-service. Service must be able utilized by the user through a mechanism which is immediately available when needed, and mixed very few service provider hands.
  3. Resource pooling. Must be available centrally and can divide resources efficiently.
  4. Measured service.  Service must be provided measurement.
  5. Rapid elasticity. Service must be able increase or decrease capacity accordingly needs.


 Has many benefits that are often used now, the benefits of which are:

  • Someone can access the application via the internet
  • One can manipulate and configure the application online at any time.
  • No need to install any software to access files or applications in the cloud
  • Offers updated software and applications, so it's not outdated.
  • Resources are available through the network in a way that provides independent platform access to all types of clients
  • Offers self-on-demand services. Resources can be used without interaction with cloud service providers
  • Very cost effective and efficient because it operates only requires an internet connection
  • Offers load balancing which makes it more reliable


Although cloud Computing is a promising innovation with various benefits in the world of computing, cloud computing still has many elements, including:

  • Security and Privacy
  • It's difficult for customers to switch Cloud Service providers
  • Interface management in the cloud can sometimes be accessed, so many people can change at will.
  • It is possible that deleted data may not be deleted


The service presented is :

1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a service  where users can use software (software) provided by cloud provider, this application model utilizes web-based interface accessed via the web browser.

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is a service  provide ready-to-use modules that can used to develop an application which can only run on platforms that is. Generally a tool for development provided in the form of a web application.

3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service is a service that rents out technology resources basic information, which includes media storage, processing power, memory, system operations, network capacity and others.

Development style

1. Public Cloud

The first development model is public or external cloud. This is traditional forms where resources are regulated dynamically via the internet via a web application and web service

2. Private Cloud

Is a service offered for networking private. Its products include automation virtualization. This product offers capabilities to host an application or virtual machine on host company.

3. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid is the term used for explain merging more than one type cloud, eg public cloud with private, internal or external. Can also refer to virtualization grouping on server work with physical hardware

4. Community Cloud

  Established by several organizations that need it some infrastructure and requirements same, so they can share with each other resources and take advantage of these technological benefits, because the costs are borne by several parties and not by the public this option is more expensive compared to public options, but this option will make data privacy better