Tips to Reduce Operational Costs with Cloud Technology

Tips to Reduce Operational Costs with Cloud Technology

Although it has been popularized since 2006 by Amazon's buying and selling sites, cloud computing technology has only been recently uprooted. However, there are still many who have not taken advantage of this one technology. Even if you can use this technology well, you and the company can feel the real benefits.

One of the benefits of using cloud-based technology is that it can reduce the company's operating costs. This has been proven by a survey conducted by the open cloud company, Rackspace Hosting, in 2013. The survey results showed that 88% of the 1300 companies that use cloud computing can reduce their expenses. Even 56% stated that they experienced an increase in profits. How can this happen? Check out the reviews below to find out how cloud can improve your company's financial efficiency.

Reducing hardware costs

The benefit of a cloud-based system that you can immediately feel is a reduction in spending on hardware. This is certainly important for a newly formed company. To buy hardware that supports company productivity, you have to spend not a small amount of funds. However, you will not feel it when using cloud computing.

By utilizing cloud technology, you do not need to spend money on additional storage devices such as external hard disk drives (HDD). A cloud-based system will store your data on a server on the internet so that it won't make your data storage space full. This storage format, besides saving data storage space, is also considered safer because only certain people can access the data inside.

When you reduce costs for hardware, you will unknowingly save money on your company's electricity bills. Conventional storage systems will emit excessive heat to make electricity use swell.

Pressing maintenance costs

Lowering the company's operating costs through cloud technology also means reducing costs for maintenance. If you use a device such as a computer or external storage space, there are times when you have to spend your own funds for maintenance or maintenance. This fee can swell if you find damage to your device.

You will not experience it if you use cloud technology. The cloud computing system in the form of software will not require large maintenance costs. If you experience an error in the system, just contact an IT expert who can correct the error. You can reduce operational costs even better when your company has its own IT staff.

When you can reduce costs and time for maintenance, you can focus your attention on other things such as developing your employees' capabilities. You must remember that developing employee capabilities can help increase the productivity of your company. In other words, indirectly using cloud computing will increase the productivity of your company.

Increase company productivity

As mentioned in the previous point, the use of cloud computing will help you to increase the productivity of your company. This can happen because there is an increase in the effectiveness of work operational time in your company. With the intention, cloud computing can save the time needed to do a task so that your employees can allocate their time to other things that can increase company productivity.

For example, you can use Sleekr Accounting software to inventory your company's assets. You can get this software easily through the Sleekr official website. The user interface used by this site is also friendly, so you will not have difficulty in carrying out an inventory using this device. That way, the asset inventory will not take much longer and you can carry out various other important tasks.

As a company capital investment

In general, cloud is available at flexible prices. You can choose what features you want and only pay for the features you use. This form of payment will help you manage your company's funds. This is because you can do the arrangement of funds for the cloud system, even long before you use the system.

In addition, the cloud system payment format can also minimize the risk of unexpected expenditure of funds. You only need to pay for the system used by the company. The term, you pay what you get. This is perfect for companies that want a superior quality system but have a limited budget.

If your company is in accordance with the description above or you are engaged in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Sleekr Accounting software is the cloud-based software that is right for you. Sleekr has been trusted by thousands of companies in Indonesia to handle various tasks related to their company's financial management.