SoundCloud users can share song links to Instagram Story

SoundCloud users can share song links to Instagram Story

SoundCloud was originally created in Stockholm, Sweden, but began officially established in Berlin, Germany in August 2007 by music designer Alex Ljung and artist Eric Wahlfross. This application initially allowed musicians to share their songs with other users and then transformed into a tool to publish their song tracks in full.

Competing in the music streaming industry is not an easy job, even when your specific service targets indie music lovers while others aim at the mainstream. Yes, I'm talking about SoundCloud, a German service that has long been a platform to share the mainstay of indie musicians.

The main feature of SoundCloud is that it allows artists / music producers to upload their music with a typical URL. Almost the same as MySpace, which hosts music only on the MySpace site. By allowing sound files to be embedded anywhere, so they can be combined with Twitter and Facebook to let members reach their audience better.

As an illustration, SoundCloud is a music streaming service that is oriented towards original music content. It is hoped that new or old musicians can use this site to share music and promote their album material. SoundCloud users are mostly filled with beginner musicians who record their music amateurly and distribute it in hopes of being liked. While the two giant streaming services of the world today such as Pandora and Spotify prefer streaming services from established musicians where if we want to access their music, we must pay to subscribe.

Now SoundCloud gives access permission for users to share songs through the application directly to Instagram Story.

To post SoundCloud tracks to Instagram Story, users simply navigate to the song you want to share in the SoundCloud application, then tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen. Then select the Instagram icon or tap the "Share to Instagram Story" option.

It will automatically open on Instagram Story with the album cover as the background. Please note, to listen to songs, users still have to tap the "Play on SoundCloud" link and listen to it on the SoundCloud platform.