OwnCloud 10.2 Creates Secure Data Space

OwnCloud 10.2 Creates Secure Data Space

OwnCloud 10.2's "Advanced Sharing Permit" gives developers the opportunity to implement individual release functions at the user and group level - and thus manage secure data space. How this is seen, platform providers have demonstrated together with Collabora. Together, the two companies are aware of the "Secure View" feature.

With "Safe View", Office documents can be given special restrictions. Depending on this, the recipient can no longer download, copy, or edit files. Even expressions can be completely prevented or limited by watermarks.

Data exchange and control

In addition, ownCloud advertises more reliable data exchange between various instances. The new background process is now searching through all examples of all files for possible changes and capturing them. Changes to Federated Shares will be synchronized automatically on the desktop client.

Furthermore, ownCloud has worked on the subject of sharing. So, you want to strengthen the idea of self-service further and give users more control in giving shares. In the future, for example, pending shares can be activated or deactivated separately from global instance settings at the user level.

With "Download / View / Upload" there are also new release settings for public links. Recipients can use it to view, download, and upload content, but do not make any changes to the file.

Personal-minded users can individually determine their own level of discovery in an instance. This is implemented as a complement to the "Allow user name auto-complete in sharing dialog" option. When a user disables autocompletion, the searcher must enter a full username.

HSM is officially supported

Finally, ownCloud Release 10.2 now officially supports memory encryption with the Master Keys stored in the Hardware Security Module (HSM).