New iPhone Models Can Get Three Cameras

New iPhone Models Can Get Three Cameras

Apple will jump on industry trends for more cameras in the next iPhone model, according to information from a well-known analyst. This year's device will still get an ultra wide-angle lens besides the two previous ones.

Other manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei have installed three - and sometimes four - cameras on their smartphones to improve image quality. Google, on the other hand, has so far only glued to one lens on its pixel phone and instead relies on artificial intelligence software to optimize photos.

Other enhancements for Apple including the iPhone with the battery can wirelessly charge other devices, Kuo Ming-Chi wrote. In addition, Apple wants to improve FaceID's face recognition function with further developed hardware. The composition of the range of models - two versions with an OLED display, one with a cheaper LCD screen - remains unchanged.

The iPhone is the most important Apple product and has produced more than 60 percent of revenue for years. Recently, a decline in sales in China ensured that Apple missed estimates for the entire Christmas business significantly. Competition in the market has become harder in recent years - especially by Chinese vendors who sell cellphones that are upgraded technology at lower costs.

According to analysts, Apple plans this year to expand the range of MacBook Pro laptop models and plan a larger version with a 16-16.5-inch screen. So far, there are models with a screen size of 13 and 15 inches.

New versions of those intended for Mac Pro desktop computer professionals will also arrive this year on the market - and again computer screens directly from Apple. In the monitor market, the group is no longer present for several years.

Analysts expect that in the first half of this year, finally, AirPower charging mats will come on the market. It has been announced by Apple one and a half years ago for 2018 - but it has not appeared so far. In addition, the AirPods wireless earphone updates. For basic iPad tablet models, the diagonal screen should grow 9.7-10.2 inches.