NetApp Provides the Latest Cloud Data Services for Companies

NetApp Provides the Latest Cloud Data Services for Companies

The use of Cloud technology has become an important part of the company's digital transformation today. The presence of Public Cloud has created a new standard in the IT world so that all leaders in this industry must keep up with technological developments in order to provide experiences that can be enjoyed by users in the cloud.

 To succeed, organizations need to utilize data-driven innovation by utilizing cloud technology and modernizing their IT infrastructure so that they can harness the power of the cloud to every part of the business through a multicloud seamless hybrid experience.

 Since 2014, through the Data Fabric strategy, NetApp believes that every company can use the Cloud easily and according to their needs.

 For this reason, NetApp authority data for hybrid cloud, presents new solutions and services seamless hybrid multicloud with the presence of NetApp® Cloud Data Services on NetApp HCI.

 This new solution can be developed with persistent storage in the largest public cloud and offers users the ability to manage, use and pay for cloud services that are according to their wishes.

1. Bringing the public cloud experience on premises to give developers the freedom to design anywhere.

 NetApp offers users a hybrid multicloud experience with a consistent service consumption model in all public clouds and on-premises. Now, users can offer simpler and more effective on-premises infrastructure-as-a-services, and offer new applications and services faster with NetApp Data Services available on NetApp HCI.

 NetApp Kubernetes Service on NetApp HCI and Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI services can meet business demands by freeing developers to automate management complexity by simplifying how to implement and manage their services across their on-premises and public cloud without a hitch.

2. Manage your data in the largest cloud in the world

NetApp Cloud Data Services helps users change businesses by enabling them to take advantage of cloud innovations with enterprise data services that are consistently delivered across their cloud choices.

 New development on NetApp Cloud Data Services, with the latest beta launch of the Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud, along with last month's Microsoft Azure announcement about Azure NetApp Files.

 Also present Cloud Volumes ONTAP® for new Google Cloud that offers the performance, availability and data protection that organizations need to run their business-critical applications on Google Cloud.

3. Build your data fabric

The data fabric provides a common framework for simplifying multicloud hybrid experiences. NetApp helps customers build their unique data fabric to find, integrate, automate, optimize, protect and secure their data, applications and resources.

Various new solutions and services presented by NetApp to facilitate building Fabric data include Fabric orchestration a new toolset that provides cloud data services to help customers find, manage, automate, and manage all their data, wherever they are.

The new pay-per-use offer gives customers the flexibility to manage, use and pay for their multicloud hybrid environment. Available in two choices namely Cloud Consumption for NetApp HCI and Cloud Volumes Services On Premises.

NetApp Cloud Insights and NetApp Professional Services for the Data Fabric are also provided to design, implement, automate, and manage data fabric that fits specific business needs.