Google Announced a Breakthrough in Quantum Computers

Google Announced a Breakthrough in Quantum Computers

 Google claims to have made a significant step in the development of quantum computers. With the help of Sycamore's processor it is possible to do calculations in 200 seconds, because today's fastest supercomputer will take 10,000 years, the researchers write in a report published Wednesday in the scientific journal "Nature". This is the first demonstration of "quantum superiority" successfully.

This term refers to the time when a quantum computer completes a task so complex that it cannot be mastered by conventional computers in a reasonable amount of time. Researchers from Jülich were also involved in the verification, the research center said on Wednesday.

With the help of simulation, the results are verified and the performance of the processor, which consists of 53 functional qubits, is determined. It was about recognizing and analyzing very complex, randomly generated patterns that would overwhelm conventional computers.

Quantum circuit simulation is used in addition to Google's most powerful cloud servers and supercomputers in the world, IBM's summit, and supercomputer jewelry

For decades scientists have been looking for new ways in computer technology. The development of quantum computers has also long been developed. From them, the researchers hope that certain computing tasks can be done many times faster than with classical computers.

While in binary computers, the smallest units, called bits, assume the status of 0 or 1, "qubits" of a quantum computer following the laws of quantum mechanics - they can represent several states at once.

Even in theoretical physics, this paradox is still considered a challenge today. Google boss Sundar Pichai quoted in his blog entry also US physicist and Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman: "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics."

Lots of conversation for science

Pichai is simple considering the milestones that might have been achieved. Meanwhile, US technology giant IBM - which has also been involved in quantum computer research for a long time - played down the success it has achieved and said that Google billing was a mistake. The same task can be completed with a classic system already in 2.5 days, the researchers wrote in a group blog post.

About four weeks ago, technical contributions from Google researchers have appeared before. He was available for a short time through the sites of the American Space Agency, but disappeared shortly afterwards. This has given much discussion among scientists.

In the end, Google's breakthrough in quantum computing for everyday computer use hardly touched, also because the machine could not be downsized to practical devices due to the low temperatures needed and vacuum conditions.

For scientists, it will indeed be the "hello world" moment they have been waiting for, writes Pichai. But there is still a long way to go between laboratory results and tomorrow's practical application. "It will be years before we can implement a wider range of real-world applications."

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