Five estimates for the cloud by 2020

Five estimates for the cloud by 2020

Ongoing training and security remain challenges in cloud use, new topics to come. Five estimates for the cloud by 2020

Old acquaintances: Cloud hybrid will become a new multi-cloud

81 percent of all companies that use cloud technology rely on multi-cloud. Conversely, private clouds don't disappear: large providers respond with suitable private cloud offerings such as Azure Arc, Google Cloud Anthos and AWS Outposts, which can be integrated directly into their public cloud solutions. Kubernetes also remain a trend. Here, Hyperscaler and VMware 2020 will compete to get the top provider position. As such, many new products and services can be expected.

Cloud-native will drive change

The original cloud area has increased in the past year and a half. It's not surprising when you see the success that cloud-native companies have achieved. The result is a mindset that aims at innovation, cooperation and growth, and thus enables the experience of new customers. For example, Spotify: Here, various teams try to provide components that can be integrated seamlessly to enable simple and intuitive user guides.

Edge & IoT continues to grow

By 2020, the use of edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue in various industries. Certain fields, such as industry and retail, will play a pioneering role and thereby increase acceptance and encourage added value of technology. Applications in AR, VR and smart retail are expected. However, GDPR, data management, and security will play a major role in implementation.

Focus on security

If the cloud is quickly introduced for different business applications, various roles within the company can interact with cloud services, use them and in many cases manage them. The move towards a hybrid cloud approach, where workload is spread across a variety of public and on-site cloud platforms, creates a number of new security challenges. This should make CISO a customer information security officer and apply cross-departmental security topics.

Increasing the maturity of the cloud is changing the market

in 2010 was the year where cloud computing from concept became a reality. High acceptance ten years later - and continues to grow. Companies change their processes and, based on high flexibility and scalability, create unexpected increases in value. As more data is used, analyzed and processed, the cloud platform must grow at a rapid rate.