CES Technology in 2019

CES Technology in 2019

Every January, one of the biggest technology events, CES is held. This is a consumer technology exhibition where lots of new gadgets and future gadgets appear. This event is indeed famous because of the many products on display and make it the direction in which technology moves. Various gadgets ranging from televisions, laptops, and VR, rose again at the event held in Las Vegas.

1. LG OLED Roll Screen TV

This TV is truly unique because it is the first roll television in the world. This television has a size of 65 inches that is rolled perfectly into an aluminum box when not in use. The size of the television is only 3 millimeters and managed to become the coolest gadget at CES this year.This television is available and you can immediately buy it.

2. Razer HyperSense Concepts

This game comes with new nuances with shots, jumps, explosions, and various activities in the game by changing the 3D sound from the game to haptic feedback, which makes the game more immersive.

3. Honor View 20

Not many smartphones release at CES, but the sub-brand from Huawei, Honor, appears to be the spotlight with a holey screen that will become a trend this year, and Huawei's best processor, the Kirin 980.

4. Withings Move ECG

This is a useful application for health.The good news, this is a live analog watch connected to your smartphone

5.  Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock

This is a gadget that has a 4 inch screen size even though it doesn't look fancy, but has the same function as the Home Mini. The good news is that with a cheap price, which is 8 .

6. Heatworks Tetra

This application is a solution for those who are lazy to do the dishes while you live in an apartment that needs everything neat. This application can be controlled through an application, and carries a transparent design.

7. Impossible Burger 20

This burger in its manufacture involves complicated food technology using 100 percent vegan meat, which scientists developed from soy protein so that it is slightly fat, gluten-free, and zero cholesterol and has a good taste.

8. Lexar 1TB 633x SDXC UHS-I card

This SD Card was developed by Lexar, and the shape is still quite large compared to the current SD Card which is small in size. Besides that the price reaches 500 USD. But if you do not want to bother changing the SD Card when shooting 4K or 8K video in the future, you can invest by buying this.

So are 8 ces technologies in 2019. Hopefully they will benefit all readers. Thank you