Alibaba Cloud Launches New Features for the Global Market

Alibaba Cloud Launches New Features for the Global Market

Alibaba Cloud launched a variety of features and the latest products on the Alibaba Cloud Summit event in Singapore on Friday (05/31/2019).

With this launch and Summit Alibaba Cloud wants to build an inclusive platform with technology that can empower customers in the Asia Pacific and Partners in the ecosystem in this digital era, where the future is all based on "All In CLoud".

"As the largest public cloud technology provider in Asia Pacific, Alibaba Cloud is now accelerating digital transformation in the region by building world-class cloud computing infrastructure and is at the forefront of developing intelligence data." Said Selina Yuan, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International in a statement officially accepted by SINDOnews.

The 7 new features and products available in China and for the first time are accessible to business people in the Asia Pacific as follows:

1. SaaS Accelerator

This accelerator helps SaaS providers to quickly deploy and test their applications on the cloud, shorten lifecycle implementations, and accelerate time-to-market. This technology also enables ecosystem partners such as e-commerce, lodging and travel industries to quickly reach their customers within Alibaba platform.

2. PolarDB

This technology offers scalability, with a hardware-software co-design architecture. The solution offered can also be increased to 100TB in storage.

3. Alibaba Log Service (SLS)

SLS allows customers to automatically collect logs of all services, applications and services, regardless of whether they are inside and outside the cloud.

4. Support "Bring Your Own Key" (BYOK)

End-to-end security services, which provide customer encryption control both on hardware and software, protect customer data during transit and at rest. The new BYOK also supports ECS Cloud Disk, OSS and RDS.

5. Smart Access Gateaway (SAG) Software

An application for clients that allows endpoint devices such as mobile phones, POS and laptops to be securely connected to the Alibaba Cloud and physical data center in one click, which speeds up access to enterprise applications and various cloud resources.

6. Container Registry (ACR) Enterprise Edition

ACR Enterprise Edition is integrated with the Alibaba Cloud Container Service, simplifying the deployment to production workflow. This technology eliminates the need for customers to operate their own container repositories

7. Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

Services are fully-managed and compatible with Kubernetes to help users focus on applications they rather than manage container infrastructure themselves.