7 Best Cloud Applications, Can Save Data up to 100 GB

7 Best Cloud Applications, Can Save Data up to 100 GB

Storing a large number of files is often a challenge because of the limited storage medium for electronic devices. The good news is that large data storage is currently available through cloud storage applications. Especially in this era of technology, saving files no longer needs to use an external hard disk. Not only storing data, cloud storage also allows you to share data with your friends in an easier way. Because storing files in large quantities is often a challenge. Therefore, it is not surprising that the search for cloud storage to store data is increasingly needed.

1. IDrive

Based on information reported by Tech Radar, IDrive is the best cloud storage. The reason is, this cloud drive will not make files deleted or deleted from your computer disappear automatically. The data will still be stored on the server. IDrive also has a feature to send a physical hard drive if your data is lost.

2. OneDrive 

OneDrive is a cloud storage that is generally used for Windows users. On Windows 10, OneDrive is automatically installed on your device. However, Microsoft's cloud storage has a lack of capacity, which is only 5GB. This is in contrast to other cloud storage which provides a capacity of 10GB. If you are comfortable with the OneDrive feature, you can upgrade your OneDrive for $1.99 per month with a capacity of 100GB.

3. PCloud

PCloud is one of the best storage you can choose. This cloud storage comes from Switzerland and is suitable for sending large files. PCloud does not provide any specific limits for file sizes. PCloud also provides a team file sharing feature. In addition, this cloud application can also be used on PCs, smartphones, and websites.

4. SpiderOak One

One of the online data backup applications is SpiderOak One. Different from services like Dropbox and Google Drive, SpiderOak One lets you choose any folder or file on your computer system to back up files. SpiderOak One also lets you share your backed up files with anyone.

5. Dropbox

Until now, Dropbox is still often used by many people. Dropbox provides a storage capacity of 2GB. However, this capacity can be increased up to 18GB if you manage to invite as many as 32 friends to use Dropbox. This cloud storage can be used on laptops and smartphones.

6. Mega

MEGA cloud storage application is quite famous. This service is based on a site called megaupload.com. After that, MEGA was launched as a free cloud storage with 50GB of storage space. You can save various types of files in this cloud application. 

7. Tresorit

Tresorit  is a secure cloud storage service. This cloud has a military-grade encryption system and impenetrable cryptographic keys. Therefore, this cloud application is suitable for those of you who want to store important data.

Source :kompas.com