6 Of The Best Android Cloud Applications - All Smartphone Data in Security

6 Of The Best Android Cloud Applications - All Smartphone Data in Security

You can also carry a lot of the most important data on your smartphone. This is very annoying when a valuable multifunction device is suddenly stolen, lost or damaged. Smart if you have previously backed up and saved photos, videos and other files in the cloud. Just like iOS, the Android mobile operating system brings its own tools for these tasks - but they are not always enough.

Instead, you are better off using a trusted cloud application from an external vendor. With this, you can enjoy several benefits: For example, you can create documents in the office, continue to work on them while on a tablet and share them with your colleagues regardless of time and place. Let us introduce you to the best Android cloud application.

For many iPhone and iPad owners, Apple's iOS is clearly superior in terms of system and data backup. Through internal settings, they can make a complete picture of their device, including all accounts, documents, and configurations, and place it on the standard 5 GB iCloud. For example, photos can be synchronized through the iCloud Photo Library, and all other data is backed up through iTunes along with a Mac computer.

But what happens in Google's own operating system? The serious truth is that until now the group has not presented a way to store a complete backup on the Google Cloud. This is you a. Remember that application data on an Android device is always encrypted in such a way that programs with standard rights cannot access it. So, for example, to be able to load your favorite mobile game scores even after a system crash, you need root access.

Unlocking your smartphone this way, in addition to some benefits but also disadvantages - especially the loss of the warranty, so you have to rethink this step carefully. That might also be the reason why larger Android cloud application manufacturers in their product descriptions don't say a word about storing applications through the root function.

External cloud application for Android 

The Android cloud application is a program for smartphones that allows you to back up data to local storage in the cloud and retrieve it from any device after you authenticate (for example, using a password protected sharing link).

Users can back up their system manually or selected data files or categories at any time. Or, you can create an automatic retention plan that loads your data to the cloud at specified time intervals, or change, copy, or delete every time you create a file. To save phone data volume and battery life, you can specify backups only with an existing Wi-Fi connection or when traveling via UMTS or LTE initiated. Some cloud applications also allow you to back up all installed applications, including related configurations, credentials, and credentials - assuming your device is "rooted".

The best Android cloud application

Some cloud applications on the Play Store are generally more popular than others, but the number of downloads when choosing your favorite should not be the only criterion. For many cloud applications for Android, although all work on the same principle, they provide different amounts of memory and different pricing models and additional functions. In the end, only self-testing will help you find out which is the most suitable for you. Often, small details such as user interface design or menu structure can determine. Below we offer help with the initial selection.

1.  Google Drive: 15GB free

For Android users with a Google Account, Google Drive is the most convenient solution, because the application is installed directly on the system and therefore does not require additional settings. With 15GB of backup and backup, it offers the most free storage space of all cloud applications on our list. In addition, you can save unlimited photos and videos, without having to touch this number. Coincidentally, the same applies to documents, spreadsheets and presentations made with the Google Docs in-house application. For a monthly fee of around 2 € or around 10 € you get 100 GB or even 1 TB of memory. By subscribing for one year, you can reduce the rate by 15 percent.

Folder management, synchronizing data with Google Cloud and sharing files (with other Google users or via external links) can be easily controlled via the "+" button that is prominently placed on the start page. Photos can also be saved to the cloud via Google Photos, even automatically when taking. Integration with the popular G-Suite application Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are other assets of the application. However, you must first convert the document that you created to Office format before you can download it and use it offline. In addition, Google Drive is assured of its resource-saving functionality and high synchronization speed. Two-factor authentication and encrypted connections provide adequate security. However, many Android users do not want to give their sensitive data to IT companies.


  • 15 GB of free storage space
  • Already installed on an Android device
  • Unlimited storage of photos, videos and G-Suite files
  • Discounts for annual subscriptions
  • Perfect functionality and easy operation


  • G Suite files must first be converted to Office format for offline use
  • security issues shared with Google

2. Dropbox: Already tried and tested 

Founded in 2007, the widely used Dropbox is one of the pioneers in this industry and for the time being is even synonymous with online cloud. Since then, desktop applications and mobile applications have remained unchanged. Major modifications may not be needed, because the intuitive user interface allows all platforms to still operate uniformly.

Dropbox's high synchronization speed is usually due to unique application technology. It has evolved over the years and consists of several components: Delta Sync always updates only individuals, modified segments rather than entire files, LAN Sync gives priority to files on the same network, and Streaming Sync has started downloading documents, immediately after the first byte uploaded to the cloud. This enables synchronization of time records between all your devices.

Similar to Google's competitors, Dropbox also has its own word processing tool called Dropbox Paper, which you must also download and pair with the application. Although not as extensive as Microsoft Office programs, this program can be directly linked to it and Adobe Acrobat products. Dropbox Plus with 1 TB of storage space is available for around 10 euros per month. The business version is available on request from the manufacturer. The price is the same and offers 2 TB per user.


  • widely used
  • Proven functions and intuitive operations
  • High synchronization speed
  • Integration with MS Office and Adobe Acrobat
  • cost-effective business variants


  • relatively small free space
  • Various servers exist in the US

3. Microsoft OneDrive: Complete Office Integration

The biggest advantage of OneDrive is clear: as a cloud application from Microsoft, it is integrated into many Windows applications. For example, it is possible to load documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations directly from the application in question to the cloud. The desktop partner for mobile applications is pre-installed on each new Windows version of Windows 8.1 - the ideal starting point for sharing files with friends, family and colleagues who prefer to move in the usual desktop environment, rather than on their smartphones. Use data exchange.

Agree and get releases with expiration dates that guarantee extra security. It's a shame that Microsoft's servers are in the US and new data protection agreements with Europe are still on the air. However, the main complications so far have failed, thanks in part to the encryption of modern TSL data connections.


  • Consistent Microsoft integration
  • Already installed on the operating system on Windows 8.1
  • Share files via a link with an expiration date
  • Available as a package with Office 365
  • Attractive business packages


  • all servers are in the US
  • New customers receive less storage space than old customers

4. Super Backup: The best price

Don't be fooled by the free version of the banners and the slightly bumpy German sound output - the external cloud application "Super Backup: SMS & Contact", as it is called on the Play Store, can compensate for the big manufacturers. According to its name, their strength lies in storing SMS and contacts, but also the call list, calendar entries and images can be stored locally in internal memory or on the SD card. The manufacturer does not operate their own cloud, Super Backup supports Google Cloud and Dropbox. Copies of files can also be sent to your Gmail account.

Unfortunately, videos and music are not included in the category of files that can be saved. The application backup includes data only on the rooting device. A special feature is the recording of all telephone calls as MP3 - whether you want to give applications for comprehensive access rights, but it is up to you. A small bonus is also an option to display a minimalist but functional application design in dark mode.


  • SMS backup
  • supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and Gmail
  • Backup application on root device
  • Telephone call recording is possible
  • lowest prices


  • Advertisements and operations that are somewhat uncomfortable
  • Don't save videos or music

5. Titanium Backup: Features for Professionals

Titanium Backup not only sounds powerful, but is also a standard for professional Android smartphone users who know their device from the inside out. However, this application can only be used with root access, without which it only rejects functions. But once you have gone through complicated settings and found your way through a slightly confusing user interface, you can store almost everything: system settings, widgets, wallpapers, and even personalized configurations from the cloud application itself. The backup is local or belongs to you the giver (be it Google Drive, Dropbox or Box), where you can simply log in via settings. In addition, you can recover your data not only on source devices, but also on other hardware, different versions of Android or even custom ROMs.


  • The best Nutz function can only be used with root access
  • In-depth access to the Android system
  • Back up on Google Drive, Dropbox and Box
  • favorable price
  • intensive developer support


  • Too complicated for beginners

6. Box: For companies

A cloud application with a simple name similar to Dropbox which is better known in many ways. So the interface looks very familiar and there is an integrated document function called Box Note. However, Box offers more free storage: The 10 GB standard is already headed for Google Drive. The Personal Pro package has 100 GB, really unlimited disk space you get on the other side in different business packages between 13.50 and 22.50 euros a month. Then the program also provides advanced control and administrator functions, and records a detailed historical history of all file changes that can be made by an unlimited number of external employees. Therefore, Box is very suitable for companies and work groups.


  • familiar user interface
  • notes box integrated document function
  • Large free storage space
  • Unlimited storage in a business package
  • integrated into many file management programs


  • not as extensive as famous competitions
  • Weakness in upload file capacity