Why Must Start Cloud Based Business

Why Must Start Cloud Based Business

In the era of information and communication technology which is very rapidly developing at this time, speed, accuracy and flexibility in accessing information become a benchmark in carrying out daily activities. The rise of the use of the internet, smartphones and other sophisticated devices is also increasingly affirming that technology has now become part of the life of every human being meant also in terms of business

Now cloud computing is increasingly being talked about everywhere. Yes, in general cloud computing is the use of internet-based computer technology where all data can be stored on servers on the internet. The use of cloud computing will also greatly help the operations of your company.

The proof, at this time many businesses have started to switch from conventional methods to cloud technology. Not only that, there are more and more open business opportunities thanks to the use of cloud computing. Now more and more companies are starting to build their business models by relying on cloud computing services, such as Spotify.

Do you just want to start doing business? Need special tips? Well, here are 5 reasons smart entrepreneurs start applying cloud in their business:

High flexibility

Cloud technology provides flexibility through easy data access anytime and anywhere, provided you are connected to the internet. What is the point of buying physical memory to store data if we can store it virtually? With cloud, you can increase data storage capacity easily without the need to buy an external hard disk.

Data Privacy and Security Guaranteed

You certainly need server technology that is able to protect data wherever data is accessed, right? By using cloud you don't need to worry about privacy, because data security can be stored securely through a server that is facilitated by cloud computing service providers, namely guarantees of technology platforms, ISO guarantees, personal data, and so on.

Maximum utilization of resources

Cloud services can help maintain the continuity of your business through optimal features. That way, as your business person becomes more focused on important things without being interrupted by operational problems. The good thing is, your workers also have more time to work optimally, and provide more profit potential for the company.

Save on Costs and Long-Term Investments

You can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing in the long run. Moreover, you do not need to pay for purchasing inventory such as infrastructure and hard disks. You are also only charged a low fee for routine compensation per month or once paid, according to the service package that has been agreed with the cloud computing service provider. So, the royalty fee for software licenses is automatically reduced because everything is run with cloud-based computing.

Data is a valuable asset for you and the company. That's why it's important for you to ensure that your data is safe, privacy of data is protected, and ensure that you have control and ownership of data consistently in accordance with expectations. One of the cloud computing services that can meet your needs is Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure services are ISO 27001 certified, which ensures that your data is safe, and ISO 27018 that makes you comfortable. Microsoft guarantees that only you have access to that data. The good thing is, one of the advantages of using Azure is the shifting of capital costs into operations. You can also subscribe via monthly payments or Pay As You Go (without paying up front, immediately use).