Cloud Business Saves Oracle Revenue

Cloud Business Saves Oracle Revenue

Oracle Corporation is a multinational computer technology company from America, headquartered in Redwood City, California. The company is the main developer of database management systems, software for developing databases, customer relationship management software, enterprise resource planning and supply chain management software. In 2011 Oracle was the second largest software maker with revenue, after Microsoft.

Oracle Cloud is a company database public cloud service offering. Oracle has positioned and adjusted its cloud service as the best option for running the Oracle database.

Oracle has a global network of managed data centers that are organized to run their cloud offerings. Companies use Oracle Cloud services to provide cloud, server, storage and processing applications on this global network. The network itself is built on 25GB of Ethernet; no nodes are separated from other nodes with more than one hop with a flat network topology. This network gave Oracle confidence to offer a strong service level agreement.

Infrastructure, platforms, software and data services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS) can all be used to expand or integrate enterprise applications into Oracle cloud or to build and use new ones. Both virtualized multi-tenant deployments and bare metal computing services can be linked to a single application program interface

The Oracle software group has done better than expected thanks to the cloud business that is performing well. Sales in the highly promising cloud segment increased in the second fiscal quarter (at the end of November) by 2.7 percent to 6.64 billion dollars, US companies announced late Monday.

Net income rose around five percent to $ 2.33 billion. SAP competitors also get more than expected per share.

In OTC trading, Oracle shares were in demand. They increased by five percent. California companies also forecast earnings above current analyst estimates for the current quarter.

However, Oracle is a barrier in the rapidly expanding cloud-based application application business. Competitors in the US are mostly Work Days, Microsoft, and Oracle's growth of nearly three percent in the cloud sector is not too impressive in the overall market, said portfolio manager Daniel Morgan of Broker Synovus Trust.

Workday recently reported a growth rate of 35 percent, Salesforce reached eleven percent. Oracle lags behind other companies, Morgan said. In the overall group, past earnings in Qurtal fell slightly from 9.59 to 9.56 billion dollars. So a cloud based business can save the income of the company referred to as Oracle