7 Business Sectors That Can Be Enhanced Through Cloud Technology in 2019

7 Business Sectors That Can Be Enhanced Through Cloud Technology in 2019

Expensive technology is used to be a significant advantage for large companies. Large companies have the resources to hire consultants, invest in sophisticated systems and collect a lot of data to analyze. This gives them better visibility into market trends.

At present, anyone who has the idea can access the world's best technology with a little more than a broadband connection. That also means larger organizations must adapt.

Cloud computing is not only much cheaper than legacy systems, but also more flexible, adaptable and easier to integrate with new capabilities such as artificial intelligence. However, moving your business to the cloud can also be a big challenge.

One of the advantages of using cloud technology, for example, is that a company or business actor does not need to spend a lot of money to purchase and manage IT infrastructure such as servers and data centers or incur additional costs in providing special space for these devices. That doesn't need to be done, because everything has been provided by the cloud provider, the company only pays for the technology used only.

There are many reasons for the development of the cloud computing business. What is certain is the benefits of cloud computing especially from digitalization. Cloud computing promises cost savings, efficiency gains, and flexible work structures. Almost everyone benefits from the broad information technology approach of cloud computing in the company. Different reasons for moving to cloud computing solutions speak for different companies. This is caused by various potential cloud computing applications.

With cloud computing, you have the choice to truly grow your business. Not only business processes, there are also market strategies, choices of new products, and the best way to get your users. of course the platform has other big goals. With cloud computing, you must have the choice to truly grow your business.

In order for cloud computing to work in a company, decision makers need to know which variants make sense and which services, devices, and processes should be implemented. In the company, the development (further) of cloud computing does not only lead to the renewal of IT infrastructure and motivate employees, but also on the convergence of IT and business.

Cloud Technology Helps in Various Industries

The ease and benefits of Cloud technology can develop business efficiently. Then, what are the business lines that can utilize cloud technology?

In his presentation on Google Cloud, Harshman explained several businesses that can work together with cloud technology. Among others are:

  1.  Business telecommunications and social networks, cloud systems can be applied to do mapping or planning, simplification of systems, monitoring repair maintenance, and networks.
  2. The business of health and life sciences, there is optimization of health management, and identification of diseases through diagnostic patient data.
  3. E-commerce businesses can be a mainstay in inventory planning, increasing cross-channel marketing, knowing market segmentation and targeting, and ease of on / offboarding automation.
  4. Tourism business, cloud technology can be used for flight scheduling, pricing, managing customer complaint resolution and knowing traffic patterns and analyzing responses on social media.
  5. Financial services business, cloud can be used to analyze and regulate risk, know customer segmentation, manage sales and marketing campaigns and evaluate creditworthiness.
  6. Manufacturing or property business, cloud computing can make purchasing trends, and predictive maintenance.
  7. The transportation and logistics business also does not escape the presence of a cloud, where this technology serves to analyze power usage, price determination, and find out the demand and supply of goods or services needed.

Focus on the benefits of cloud for business

The majority of companies surveyed want to be able to meet new requirements from specialist departments more quickly and provide better support for business processes with the Cloud Service in the future. Companies surveyed consider cloud services more often from the perspective of specialist departments. Place business-specific aspects in the middle of your consideration: With Cloud Services, you can not only meet specialist department requirements faster, but also help make business processes more agile and flexible. New operating procedures can be introduced in a short time, participant processes can be accessed flexibly and users can be allowed to work while traveling.

Overcome organizational, cultural and technical challenges

When it comes to supporting departments with the help of cloud services, enterprise users face very different challenges. To successfully optimize the process, it is necessary to integrate the introduction of cloud services with the adaptation of business processes at the organizational level. But you have to work closer together with the department and overcome differences in language and mentality. The biggest obstacles include complex IT-specific steps, especially security measures and integration with other enterprise applications. Consider introducing cloud services from a holistic perspective, because this is the only way to utilize cloud services to maximize business value.

Ensure security and compliance with regulations

When it comes to supporting specialist departments, security is the most important requirement of the department for IT. Security, compliance with regulatory compliance, and the condition of the legal framework are basic prerequisites for the use of cloud services. These aspects are also the biggest risks when specialist departments or individual users use cloud services "behind" the IT department. Therefore, check carefully whether your requirements for security and compliance with each cloud provider are met and specific German laws and data protection regulations are complied with, or whether one of the many private cloud variants represents the right source model for your company .