What is a Cloud Phone

What is a Cloud Phone


The cloud phone system is a Voice over Internet Protocol-based business telephone platform that is hosted and managed by Telecom providers such as NUACOM. The Cloud Phone System (also called the Cloud VoIP system, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP system and Hosted Phone System)) usually offers advanced features and scalability that are not owned by local telephone systems, such as integration with businesses and also provides you with multi-location access, remote worker mobility, click to call and many other functions.

Thanks to cloud technology, you can now manage all your business communications in a new way. Data is stored on a computer and can be accessed via the internet, on cellphones and desktops. This means that there are no more restrictions on landlines and your business can grow anytime, anywhere, with the same system handling your business telephone.


1. Fully-Integrated Communication System

Business tools that operate in the cloud are easy to use, allowing employees to stay connected whether in the office or while traveling. In this way, the cloud provides a consistent business presence and helps increase productivity with unlimited access to CRM, email, instant messaging, voice conference and video tools.

2. Control of Communication Mode

The cloud-operated system places the business in the driver's seat, allowing them to choose and choose what features they need, with access to turn them on or off easily.

3. Scalability & Remote Work

This system allows your telephone system to grow with your business and support remote workers. Because this service is hosted on the Internet, remote employees can register their cellphones from anywhere.

4. Mobility and Ease of Use

 With cloud-based systems, small business employees have access to features that allow them to enter from anywhere so they can be reached while on the go, giving employees who face customers and employees who earn more control over their productivity.

How to Choose a Cloud Phone System

Choosing the right system depends on the size, needs, and budget of your business. It is recommended that you check to make sure the provider has a reputation. If you have fewer than five employees, you can consider Ooma, a virtual extension platform such as Grasshopper, or even residential VoIP services like Vonage. Have more than five employees? Here are the leading cloud telephone system providers:

  • OnSIP
  • 8x8
  • RingCentral
  • Accent
  • Vonage for Business
  • Mitel
  • ShoreTel Sky
  • Dialpad