Redfinger Cloud Phone For Android

Redfinger Cloud Phone For Android

Redfinger Cloud Phone is an application that makes it easy for you to control other Android phones in the cloud from your own device. In other words, you can access your Android emulator remotely to do any activity, from installing applications that you really trust, or browsing web pages that you think are risky.

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  • Minimum OS requirements

    Android 4.1

  • Size

    9.5 MB

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Redfinger Cloud Phone is a very interesting application that is useful for you to enjoy and access other virtual phones in the cloud, anytime. Is an android emulator for android smartphones. By installing this application, you can have an Android phone on an Android phone. It functions a lot, so that your cellphone storage can be wider, you can also try the application.

And you might be wondering what exactly you want for Android emulators for Android. Well, that has certain advantages: in the first step, in terms of security because we can run the APK from suspicious sources in a safe environment without worrying about the integrity of our cellphone; second, because it offers us access to a rooting virtual phone; third, because we might need to run an Android version that we don't have on our device; and finally, because we can turn on virtual phones 24/7 every day of the year, run games or bots. Can you imagine Clash of Clans open all day? Now you can.

Redfinger's main feature

  • An ultralight emulator that barely occupies a few MB and doesn't consume too much RAM.
  • Google Play is built into the application so we can download and install all our applications in the cloud.
  • The server is available 24/7 to guarantee permanent access.
  • Version available for PC to continue our emulation on Windows.
  • Compatible with any application and OS version of Android.Allows us to open simultaneous accounts so that we can enter the same game or application with two profiles at once.
  • environment protected from malware and hackers.
  • Possibility to access the rooted Android system.



  • Safe and Secure, Reliable and Solid

Redfinger works with absolutely authoritative server-client model which gives no chance to hackers. It also avoids data breaches caused by physical data theft or malware by hosting applications remotely.

  • Seamless App/Game Compatibility

Redfinger provides you a cloud based Android environment and the ability to install apps directly from google play, which covers almost any apps and games with only rare exceptions.

  • Parallel or Even Multiple Accounts

With Redfinger Cloud phone, you can run parallel apps and games. It allows you to play the same game while logged in from two different accounts. Or even multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Cross-Platform Android Emulator

Redfinger gives you access to run all Android apps from your PC Windows, Laptop and Android devices. You can connect to your cloud phone anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy Installation & Setup

Redfinger Android emulator is small-sized and light-weighted. Installation is easy and without any errors. No driver needed. No hardware requirements. Its clutter-free interface is user-friendly.

  • High Speed Performance

Redfinger Cloud Android boots and runs in seconds, cutting the time you spend switching between platforms. No stalls, lags and freezes. Fast Internet Connection. Offers superior android gaming experience.