pCloud Drive 3.7.7 on Windows

pCloud Drive 3.7.7 on Windows

Specification :

  • Latest Version:

    pCloud 3.7.7

  • Runs On:

    Windows 10 32/64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

  • File Size

    9.1 MB

  • Developer

    pCloud AG

pCloud Drive is a desktop application that makes virtual drives secure on your computer, which you can use to easily store, access, and work with your files in the cloud. To add files and folders to your PCloud Drive and ensure that they are stored safely in the cloud and available on all your devices, you can drag and drop data to your virtual drive or copy it to PCloud Drive.

pCloud Drive is available for Windows and Mac OS X, as well as for iOS and Android devices. Versions for Windows XP and Linux are not yet available, but are on their way. You can use the application with 11 GB of free storage space. If you want more space, you have to pay a monthly subscription.

Important note: We strongly recommend not cutting and pasting your file, to upload it to pCloud Drive. Drag & Drop, or copy & paste your file according to a small amount of data. Not recommended for large files or large volume files.

If you want to upload a large amount of data, or a large file, we recommend adding it to synchronization, and only after the file has been uploaded successfully - stop synchronization. pCloud Drive provides a number of additional functions, such as integrated file sharing and synchronization through your computer. This application significantly facilitates your work when performing file operations in the cloud, because with pCloud Drive you can work with your files using any software on your computer.


This application gives you a free 11GB virtual partition. You can upload and back up data simply by storing files in a virtual partition. pCloud Drive is free and there are many ways to get more free space.


There are no obvious shortcomings to mention.

PCloud Drive Features:

1. Access on all devices

     Save your files on pCloud and save them on a laptop, cellphone or web

 2. Share and collaborate

    Send, receive, and work with your friends in each file.

3. Unsolved security.

    Keep the privacy of your personal files with the highest level of encryption.

Note: In the free version of online storage up to 20GB and 50GB download link traffic.

Overall, PCloud Drive has proven to be a practical and effective software that you can use to store data online, can access it from wherever you are, as long as an internet connection is available.