Adobe Creative Cloud


Cases of software piracy often occur. This is what makes Adobe release Adobe Creative Cloud. One service that utilizes a subscription system to be able to take advantage of the functions of Adobe software.

The system benefits consumers to be able to limit the user of each selected product, check the results of the user's work directly, and monitor whether the application is actually used or not.

This is to save on expenses, because the license can be revoked if it is not used by the software. In addition, you can also be free from impromptu inspections that are sometimes carried out by Adobe to raid pirated users. Adobe changed the world through digital experience. We help our customers create, send and optimize content and applications.

Creative Cloud dramatically changes the way professional and business creative workers publish completed work, and presents sophisticated services that build and strengthen websites, mobile applications, tablet publications, online portfolios, and content for almost all media and devices.

Its main function is as a single hub for all files and projects created in Photoshop or After Effects, which allows users to send and share simple creations. Simple repair tools and annotations are also available alongside a variety of tutorial videos that include services with impressive depth. Adjustments and work done in the mobile application are shared automatically with the connected device. Although Adobe Creative Cloud does provide free options, this only allows 2GB of cloud storage and should be seen as a complement to standard Adobe subscriptions. This application does have some limitations, especially regarding file downloading. At present, mass downloading of all files in a folder is not possible,


  • The biggest advantage here is to provide a low entry price to the amazing product range that presents high-quality features.
  • Free access to the latest product releases. Some will indicate that you need to pay every month to keep the software running and the price may not remain the same overtime compared to the fixed upfront prices offered by the perpetual license.
  • Subscription fees compared to continuous purchases are very valuable for many organizations. For example, the price of a full master collection is around $ 2,500. This number is a three to four year subscription depending on the edition considered and does not include an upgrade, which costs around $ 500 when switching from CS5.5 to CS6. In this case, the subscription is very interesting.


  • Editions such as Standard Design ($ 1,299) are less attractive because the price of the subscription is still the same; for three years, the subscription price will be more expensive than the perpetual license.
  • Overall, in the long run, subscriptions will usually always be more expensive: instead of collecting $ 600 to increase the product every 2-3 years from a sustainable license, Adobe will get the same amount or more each year by subscribing.
  • Adobe can always increase subscription prices in the future.

The pros and cons of Adobe Creative Cloud show that you basically only rent this product. If you stop paying monthly subscriptions, then you lose access to the product. That will not happen under a perpetual license. For some people, this model can save money. For others, it can spend more cash. That is why it is important to evaluate your needs now so that you can know whether this is an investment that you must do.


Requirements and additional information:

  • The 30-day trial version of Adobe Creative Cloud offers 2 GB of cloud storage and limited access to the services.
  • Runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • The download allows you to launch the installation of Creative Cloud Connection and the rest of Adobe services.
  • Requires an Adobe ID that can be created here.
  • The languages correspond to those that are available on Creative Cloud's website, not all programs are available in all languages.