3 The Best Cheap Cloud Hosting Providers in 2019

3 The Best Cheap Cloud Hosting Providers in 2019

This article presents a list of cheap and cheapest cloud hosting services that you can use to save a lot of money. We recommend that you have to choose the right one and meet all your needs.

1. Vultr

Vultr is a very cheap cloud hosting provider that offers packages starting at $ 2.50 per month. The Vultr package is very similar to Digital Ocean, in fact, they offer a more affordable cloud package. The most basic package includes 20GB SSD storage, 512 RAM, 1 CPU core and 500GB of bandwidth for only $ 2.50 / month. And the next package offers 25GB SSD, 1CPU, 1024 RAM and 1000GB of bandwidth for only $ 5. So Vultr stands out among super cheap cloud hosting providers.

Vultr provides a high-performance SSD cloud server that boasts a global footprint. It aims to create the most reliable and efficient service to launch a very fast SSD cloud server. Vultr provides a high-performance SSD cloud server that boasts a global footprint. It aims to create the most reliable and efficient service to launch a very fast SSD cloud server.


  • Extraordinarily Fast Response Time

This speaks volumes about the hardware used and the work done by engineers. Vultr comfortably responds to requests in about 200 ms, making it one of the fastest VPS options around.

  • Great time

With servers that function quickly in 15 different locations, you rarely see downtime. They provide 99.990ptime - and the Cloud Storage option is better known than that.

  • Many Server Packages

With hourly rates and several options in their four categories, Vultr offers flexible payments and many packages. The developer will easily find a suitable partner.


  • Only Cloud and Special Hosting

Indeed, developers will have an easy time choosing packages. Beginner? Not too much. Vultr doesn't play with shared hosting or, for example, managed WordPress hosting packages. You will not be able to use Vultr to buy domain names too. This is intended for professionals, not less experienced users who want to host a website. If you are one of them, Vultr is not for you.

  • Lack of customer support options

This is modern age - and most hosting providers offer live chat as a way to contact customer support. Unfortunately, Vultr is not part of the club. Instead, you can only reach them via email and telephone. Vultr, get with time!


With lots of great options and smart pricing. Vultr is the right choice for storage, VPS and dedicated hosting. Performance also fits the bill - Vultr servers are fast and reliable. However, Vultr can definitely try and become a department store. With more domain sales and types of hosting, they might attract more users. And additional customer support options also don't hurt. But overall, this is a pretty decent option.

 2. CloudWays

Cloudways is a cheap cloud hosting provider that is managed. You can start by spending only $ 10 / month. Their hosting packages support all applications related to e-commerce, bloggers, designers, digital agencies, and developers. At this time, they offer a free trial so don't waste time and take a trial account as soon as possible.

Cloudways supports them as managed services. It supports several content management systems, including the 5 most popular following:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Moodle

Customers can use other PHP-based CMS, although basically they are a do-it-yourself effort. Customers can get a number of servers and clone cloud applications or servers as needed. As usage increases, customers can add more servers.


  • Fully Free Trial Period - Possibility to make your website active and running without paying a dime and seeing how well the service performance for several weeks is truly extraordinary.
  • No Limits - CloudWays does not limit the number of websites that you can install while most other hosting providers do it. Even if you pay double the money (around $ 10) for your hosting service like you do on CloudWays. Here you only pay for the resources you use and you are free to do it as you like.
  • Pay As You Go Pricing System - It's amazing to finally see a company that doesn't just get money from you without pay. While other companies make you pay for fiction services or services that should be free, you will only pay for what you use on CloudWays. 
  • Easy to Install Systems and Content Management Applications - Although this has been a standard for years, it's important to mention. CloudWays makes it easy for you to install CMS or PHP based systems.
  • Free Automatic Updates - CloudWays offers the magic of cloud hosting for free. You can set up your server to back up every day, every second day, every week or whenever you want.
  • Free Site Migration - Weird to see companies that ask you to pay for site migrations lately, but there are a few. CloudWays doesn't cross that line and they will happily devote one of their experts to you for several hours and make it migrate your website to their cloud server.


  •  No cPanel - CloudWays offers their own console to help you manage your applications and everything you host on their servers.
  • Some Knowledge Needs to be Used - Using cloud hosting requires a level of expertise to use, because you will have all the virtual servers to manage yourself.
  • There is no eMail Account or Domain Registration - Unfortunately, CloudWays does not offer one of the most basic services of a hosting company. This is the possibility to register a domain name and have many email accounts.


Is CloudWays the way you host a website? Do I recommend it? Maybe and I can wholeheartedly recommend them. Although it does require some expertise to use their cloud hosting services, it comes at an incredible price and offers outstanding performance.


Host1Plus has data centers established in America (California and Illinois), Germany, South Africa and Brazil. This makes their services reliable in terms of speed because their data centers are widely spread throughout the World. If you want to change this location, you can do it even with the cheapest package.

The hardware they offer is top notch and different depending on the package you choose. Host1Plus uses SSD hard drives for their VPS hosting packages while the number of CPU cores rises as the plan grows. They use a variety of Intel Xeon processors depending on which location you choose, but the difference is not significant.

They offer CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu. And if you are a cPanel lover and don't know about command line work then it becomes difficult to install web applications like WordPress. So if you want cPanel, then it costs $ 15. There are many tutorials available on the internet to install web applications using commands that are no big deal


  • Reliable physical servers
  • State-of-the-art network infrastructure
  • Innovative and custom-built server architecture
  • 500 Gbps Traffic
  • 15+ Locations
  • Certified Expertise


  • Bit expensive Cloud Hosting