WhatsApp Will Have New Group Features

WhatsApp Will Have New Group Features

During this time, not a few WhatsApp users whose numbers were often entered into a group without permission. This of course is very disturbing and violates someone's privacy. WhatsApp seems to have heard these complaints.

 The "Group Invitation" or Invitation Group feature was only only present for WhatsApp business users, but will then be developed for all users.

 The WhatsApp messaging application will make major updates by presenting new group invitations and status features. According to the page, 9to5google, Wednesday, February 13, 2019, WhatsApp is experimenting with algorithms that are updated for status features.

The latest features are not yet available, but the WhatsApp information page, WABetaInfo found a leak that the feature allows users to set privacy controls. So you can know who will add and add to the group.

The group invitation feature serves to control who can add users to a group, along with privacy settings for each type of chat or message. As for the status feature, the Mashable page explains that, the status in WhatsApp is basically the same as the Instagram Story.

Users can add snippets of videos, images and text throughout the day. Users in Brazil, Spain and India are experimenting with updating sorting status based on relevance, which is contrary to chronological order. This is thanks to an algorithm that determines how often users use the feature.

That is, with these features, adding to group chats without user permission is an error. This upcoming feature allows all WhatsApp users to set their own privacy controls for all numbers.

Later, users will get three options to determine who can invite number owners to join the conversation group.

 Currently, this feature is only available for iOS mobile users who come with the iOS beta. However, this feature will be launched also for Android devices, it is also still under development so it doesn't work at all for now.