Tetra: Mini Dishwashers in Ten Minutes

Tetra: Mini Dishwashers in Ten Minutes

How does it feel if washing dishes no longer need to be done manually? Of course it will be very practical and save time. Especially in the age of now all human activities have begun to be done automatically. Well, there is good news for those of you who do not want to be complicated with the matter of washing dishes, now there is an automatic dishwasher technology that is ready to help your kitchen affairs. Washing dirty dishes by hand is not only tiring but also consumes unnecessary water. Various studies have shown that dishwashers need up to 90 percent less water. However, not every kitchen is large enough to install suitable equipment there. The Heatworks company has now presented an interesting solution: Tetra mini dishwasher is only about 45 centimeters and can be used even in the smallest apartment. The design is also designed to be so attractive that even for visual reasons no one opposes its use. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, mini dishwashers were also awarded the "Best of Innovation" Award.

With a depth of only 18 "x 16.75" x 14 ", Tetra is a dishwasher that quickly cleans utensils, wine glasses, baby bottles, etc. With its own water container, there is no need for a plumbing. Just pour it in water, choose the modular shelves that work with the items you wash, and watch Tetra clean your dishes in minutes, use them anywhere that has a standard electrical outlet.

Heatworks has created Tetra, a dishwasher designed with a simple shape so that it can be placed just above the dining table so that it is practically owned for small homes. Apart from functioning as a dishwasher, Tetra can also be used to heat seafood and sterilize baby products

Working with Frog, a design company, this Tetra dishwasher does not require a plumbing to operate - which means it can be used anywhere as long as it has a standard outlet.

To use this dishwasher, users simply enter water and a little detergent. Then, Ohmic Array Technology patented by Heatworks uses graphite electrodes and electronic controls to agitate natural minerals found in water - to heat up.

Control can also be done through the application

This must also be related to a very simple operation. Because there is no connection to the water pipe needed. Instead, just plug the power cord into the socket and pour a glass of water including detergent into the machine. Furthermore, the device can be equipped with dirty dishes and take orders at work. Tetra can also be controlled by application on request. There are many setting options to achieve the highest cleaning power possible with as little consumption of resources as possible. Basically, a mini dishwasher works but also without this technical gadget. After about ten minutes, the dirty water can then be poured and the dish dried on its own or dried with a towel.

The casing is completely transparent, the user can see at what point the temperature of the dishwasher is located. Because Tetra washed dishes with minimal use of water, so it is expected to change the attitude of the people who are used to being wasteful when cleaning food supplies. When in an average household consists of 3 people, and washing dishes manually it will spend 10 times more water than using a dishwasher.

Current special price: 299 dollars

This speed is possible because water is heated in an innovative way. While the first classic device is the heat element in water, which then emits heat, here electric flux is carried out directly through water. This procedure also has the advantage that the desired water temperature can be adjusted precisely to one degree Fahrenheit. The idea was presented to the public for the first time at CES last year. This time the finished product is admired. If you need a mini dishwasher for your own kitchen, you must be patient. Even though pre-orders with a special price of $299 can give up. But the concrete delivery date is unknown.