Somnox is a robotic pillow that lulls you to sleep by ‘breathing’ in 2019

Somnox is a robotic pillow that lulls you to sleep by ‘breathing’ in 2019

Problems with insomnia must have been experienced by everyone because of many things such as stress or work late into the night. Indeed there are several ways to overcome the problem of insomnia such as with herbal and clinical medicine, lullaby music, and others.

The Dutch company recently introduced a robot named Somnox, where you can hug your robot to help you fall asleep. According to the company, one of the ways they have found to make it easier for someone to fall asleep naturally is through breathing, sound, and also affection, and all these things are said to exist in the Somnox robot.

Somnox is actually a bean-shaped doll robot that can breathe and helps sleep process soundly. Reported by Irishexaminer, the robot manufacturer itself is in the Netherlands. Somnox is made as if breathing, flat and floating, hugging it makes Somnox feel like a human being in your arms.

This robot, said a sleep expert from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine named Nitun Verma, can help you practice breathing well for 10-20 minutes before going to bed. Hugging this robot while sleeping is also believed to help you feel more relaxed, comfortable and safe.

Regular breathing rhythms are the key to success for a better night's sleep naturally. Somnox is equipped with features that can help you breathe with the correct rhythm so you can fall asleep.

Through the robotic mechanism, Somnox can move with an up and down rhythm following the user's breathing rhythm. So, users can easily adapt to Somnox's rhythm. If it has adapted, then slowly the Somnox will begin to slow down the upward rhythm. Thus, unconsciously, finally the user's breathing rhythm will follow the rhythm of Sonox so that it can fall asleep by itself.

In order to be more optimal, Somnox has also been equipped with speakers that will output sound output that can calm the mind. Such as heartbeat, lulabies to your favorite songs.

To monitor sleep patterns and achieve the user's ideal sleep target, Somnox is also equipped with a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. This application offers a variety of settings such as profiles, alarms, to a variety of recommended settings according to user needs.