Instagram Trial Direct Message Through Computer Features

Instagram Trial Direct Message Through Computer Features

Instagram seems to be increasingly adding features that can be done through the website or the desktop version of Instagram. Instagram is testing a private message service or Direct Message for the web version. Without logging in on the application platform, it is expected that Instagram users can send messages using any device.

This feature allows users to chat directly through the page using a computer (PC). The direct message feature on the Instagram website or the desktop version will certainly spoil the users.

So that those who often reply to messages via Instagram can choose to reply from a computer or cellphone.

This Instagram trial news was discovered by application researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who included several screenshots related to the feature.

Seen in the screenshot shared by Jane, the "paper airplane" icon representing the DM Instagram feature appears on the Instagram desktop site interface, just to the left of the "compass" icon for the Discovery feature.

In addition to the desktop version (PC), Jane also tried to open Instagram via a mobile browser.

He again found the DM icon which is located at the right end of the site interface, similar to the appearance of a mobile application.

 If this feature is launched in Instagram later on, then users will be more free to send text messages via the DM feature, both from cellphones and PCs, like WhatsApp Web or Messenger on the Facebook site.

For information, currently the Instagram (DM) chat feature is limited to the Instagram application on smartphones and tablets.

While other features, such as uploading photos and "Stories", can only be done on the Instagram version of the mobile application and the Instagram web.

Even so, it is not yet known when Instagram will officially implement the DM feature on its desktop site.