Business Users: Cloud Usage is Far From Standard

Business Users: Cloud Usage is Far From Standard

Has digital transformation at work stopped? Of professionals who use computers, 38 percent do not get any cloud services from their superiors. However, most employees want to work with cloud. If the solution has not been provided by the company, 28 percent of employees have installed or used solutions that were not released on their own initiative.

It's amazing how many companies haven't used modern cloud solutions. Because they are the basis for a smart digital workplace in the future. This modern way of working not only brings efficiency benefits and also savings for the company, but also more employee satisfaction.

More flexibility desired

Personally, the use of cloud services among respondents is clearer than in professional settings: 34 percent use pure private cloud, eight percent are pure professionals and 26 percent are for both purposes. Simple solutions that are familiar to you from your personal life are also fun to use at work. This includes messengers. 31 percent of workers want to use it, but only 24 percent of companies offer this option.

Employees see significant potential for increasing employment through digital workplaces. Forty-five percent of Citrix study participants say that new technology will make them more flexible over time. Spatially flexible work sees 44 percent of respondents as an advantage of cloud use. Half think that they can work more efficiently with this technology.

Needs improvement in authentication

An important part of cloud infrastructure is security. However, there are still a number of problems: each fourth person registers for each service with different access data set individually. In 27 percent of respondents, there were mixed forms, they registered for several offers through a single sign-on function provided by IT and others with separate passwords. Integrated authentication methods across companies, the main element of the Digital Workspace, are only applied in 23 percent of survey participants.

If the employer does not provide modern tools, the workers themselves are involved in cases of doubt: 28 percent of respondents have used what is called IT shadow because their employers do not provide adequate solutions. This means they install solutions that cut their own IT companies or use services they know from the private sector.