Attention! Google Raise G-Suite Subscription Prices

Attention! Google Raise G-Suite Subscription Prices

Google Inc. raised service rates for basic versions of G-Suite productivity applications and business versions such as Gmail and Docs, for the first time. The increase is 20%.

This increase occurred after the appointment of Thomas Kurian as Google's Cloud division. Previously Thomas was a former Oracle executive

Google increases prices for the G Suite cloud office suite. As indicated by English blog entries, prices for basic and business subscriptions are raised in the US. Basic subscriptions increase from $ 5 to $ 6 per user per month. Business variants increase by $ 2 to $ 12. Both are associated with a significant price increase of 20 percent. Google justifies higher costs with a range of functions that have increased in recent years. In addition, supply has not experienced price increases in the past ten years.

The company's subscription rate remains stable at $ 25. The price increase will be made officially on April 2, 2019. Users who have annual contracts with monthly payments do not have to pay a higher price until the next contract extension.

Price increases will also apply to other countries. The exact amount is not mentioned. They must rise in line with US prices. However, this means odd prices. Google has the right to adjust prices according to local conditions. This can mean that companies prefer to keep prices fixed. The details are unknown. No later than February 28, 2019, the final details will be announced

This policy will take effect from 2 April 2019 and make the price of a G-Suite subscription almost close to the price of a Microsoft 365 subscription package. The price for Google Enterprise Edition will remain the same and Google will continue to offer free accounts for non-business users.