7 Reasons for Cloud Storage in the Company and its Losses

7 Reasons for Cloud Storage in the Company and its Losses

Companies have their own requirements to work in the cloud of their own business. On this page we show you what's important in the business cloud. In addition, we present a cloud offering that is right for you. With this offers file synchronization, so cloud memory, stands in the foreground. 

7 reasons for cloud storage in a company are:

1 More effective work

Cloud businesses can save a lot of time in your company. Unlike in the past, sharing data within the company is easier if all employees - if desired, even from different devices - have access to all important data in the cloud.

2 Rights Management

Not every employee or customer must have access to all files? Depending on the provider, you can manage flexibly with cloud storage. You must have access to which folders or files. This includes rights and access management for many Cloud Business storage devices.

Depending on your personal needs, you can perfect your business with the right cloud provider.

3.Backup data

If you use an external provider, this is responsible for your backup. At first glance this might seem like a loss. However, these vendors specialize in business and cloud computing customers, and often can guarantee the security of their data rather than doing it themselves. The provider regularly backs up and is responsible to you and is therefore often responsible.

4.  International Communication

Communication in various company locations - or even across borders. What can require a lot of work yourself is easy to realize thanks to the Cloud Business server that is internationally accessible. This makes your company flexible and open to expansion or relocation. The cloud provider stands between you and the data center and will ensure your (international) availability.

Thanks to different language versions, access can also easily cross language barriers. For example, you can easily use English and German in parallel. Every employee receives access in the language he wants. Without you, you must have all your own language versions.

5 Complementary Business Features

Depending on cloud software, you can share and edit files, track all changes. You can manage the calendar of each member, view several file formats directly in the browser - without installing additional software on your company's computer - and have access to many other professional features. This allows a better and more comfortable work process.

 6 Safe communication (back)

Not entrepreneurial, but still safe? Even with internal solutions, you must often rely on external providers. So why not a provider in the cloud? Depending on the vendor, business cloud solutions meet the highest security requirements. Data is encrypted with strong certificates and sent to the cloud in the same way.

Your data can be stored in the cloud through data encryption and special virtual devices so that even vendors don't have access to your company's communications and files. It goes without saying that you can trust cloud providers and use cloud infrastructure from leading business cloud providers.

Cloud service providers and their customers, you, are very safe. Only in this way can you promote the company's long-term trust in external cloud solutions and win business customers for their own solutions.

Don't miss expertise. Business cloud providers will handle security topics extensively. Most mid-sized companies do not have the capacity or need to provide their own security for their employees in the business cloud. Therefore, you must rely on a strong partner.


Your business doesn't have to deal with the technical ins and outs of the business cloud itself and always stay up-to-date with software. Other people will do it for you. The provider will even bring updates for you, with special attention to stable and safe software.

Losses from Cloud Business

With this advantage, we also want to hide certain losses.

1. trust

Above all, they must be able to entrust sensitive business data to other providers. If you have previously chosen an internal solution, it is not easy to confide in another provider.

Therefore, you must choose the business cloud provider very carefully.

2. Interesting attack target

Business cloud vendors provide cloud storage for many businesses at the same time. Even more interesting is the data storage for hackers.

Conversely, this also means that the provider can and will improve on its own, because he realizes the attractiveness of the attack on his infrastructure. In addition, many business providers offer removable virtual units. If the vendor doesn't even have unencrypted access to your data, then it doesn't look different from potential intruders.

This also - as a rule - must make it difficult to gain access to all individual units.

3.Adapted to mass

Business solutions tailored to the needs of most companies. For very specific requirements, cloud storage may not be able to do it fairly. However, often, you can also be offered individual solutions and extensions.